The Bulletin: From Ice Storm 2 to Summer Weather In 7 Days or Less [Issue #20]

The Bulletin is a collection of what's happened, what’s happening, and what’s to come in and around Montreal.

The Main

The Main

April 13, 2023- Read time: 8 min

There's nothing quite like eating to feel like you're alive.

Sure, you could bungee jump off of the Jacques-Cartier or pop some mushrooms before riding the Goliath at La Ronde, but it's so much easier to celebrate that we made it by taking a bite. That's the vibe this week, as we've pulled together sugar shack events with maple chandeliers, local weed-infused dinners, glou-glou pop-ups, a new bakery, and other edibles in our weekend events and the news.

We can't forget the storm (see crazy footage below) however: We lost fridges and freezers of food, we had to get wi-fi by hanging out in museums and libraries, the city's still strewn with the wreckage of broken trees, but we made it. Terrasse season is starting, the mud's gone, the sun is bustin' a nut all weekend.

Let's celebrate.

Weekend events you don’t want to miss

Catch up on what's happening during this glorious spring weekend.


  • This event at the Foodlab serves a three-course menu in a forest installation inspired by the maple sap harvesting process, where maple syrup flows from an organic chandelier (what!) to complement each plate.
  • This pop-up at Time Out Market Montréal from Loïc Leperlier and his experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants showcases a limited-time curated maple-themed menu.
  • Wine importer Symbiose is bringing its festive juice to Mitch Deli for a dinner-til-late event full of sandwiches that have got the city hooked since the pandemic.
  • Sruti Islam and Alex Nierenhausen join collaborator James Resendes in conversation about the ways they aim to use their literary platforms to better support the community at large at the Blue Metropolis Festival.


  • Chefs from across Hochelaga are coming together to sell sugar shack-themed items on the cheap alongside axe throwing, log sawing, DJs, and an open-air bar.
  • This marathon event of 80-minute intervals includes a launch and listening party as well as a mini-concert featuring Kid Koala on turntables and special guest Lealani.
  • A seminar underlining the importance of nightlife in shaping Montréal’s heritage and explore some of the challenges that are currently faced around the preservation of a dynamic and diverse nightlife.
  • Montreal ToyCon's back with the latest collectibles, comics and more. The convention draws a ton of vendors, fans and collectors, plus Lego creators and Cosplayers who lend some 'extra flavor' to the event.


  • Try out the news croissandwiches and other baked delights over at Aube, a new bakery from the team behind Hélicoptère and Hélico, which opened on April 11.
  • Former chef at Pastel and now chef-owner of Les Mômes in Villeray, Yoann Van Den Berg will be cooking alongside the seafood restaurant Joséphine's new chef David Bernard.
  • Jessica Moss will be performing with a 13 piece ensemble Novarumori in an hour-long performance of brand new arrangements and interpretations of Moss's compositions from across her five albums.
  • This is the last night to catch the English-language premiere of this story of one charismatic young Haitian-Canadian man’s struggle to survive and thrive in Montreal.

What you need to know

ICYMI: A weekly round-up of the latest local news, from food and entertainment to current affairs and more.

A cold history without warm memories

City streets littered with trees and wires, hundreds of thousands without power, carbon monoxide poisoning, and death: The Wikipedia article may only just be getting written about the 2023 ice storm, but that doesn't mean it won't be something to be remembered for a long time. (Journal de Montréal)


The trickle-down economics of disasters

From melted ice cream to spoiled bread and meat, restaurants were right up there alongside grocery stores losing big to the fallout of the ice storm over the weekend—except grocery stores don't have reservations to lose. (La Presse)

Pluie et verglas au Québec | Nouveau coup dur pour les restaurateurs
Le manque prolongé d’électricité a donné bien des maux de tête aux commerçants et restaurateurs de Montréal, qui enregistrent des pertes pouvant s’élever à des milliers de dollars.

Proclaiming the perils of AI before it was cool

The world's richest people and most famous scientists have signed a now-famous open letter on the dangers of AI, including Montreal professor Yoshua Bengio—a "godfather of artificial intelligence"—who helped spearhead the caution as far back as 2017. (Financial Post)

A Canadian godfather of AI calls for a ‘pause’ on the technology he helped create
Yoshua Bengio is warning that powerful AI tools can have negative uses, and society isn’t ready for the consequences. Find out more.

Caves below the city running back 15,000 years

Back in 2017, cavers Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc found out the Saint-Léonard cavern underneath Parc Pie-XII went even deeper than first thought. Today, we still don't know hope deep it goes. (CBC Montreal)

Explore the huge secret cave that lay hidden under Montreal | CBC News
Two cavers recently discovered a huge secret cave formed by a glacier, a new chamber off an existing cave buried underneath a Montreal park. Here’s a closer look at the amazing sights underground.

To bake, or to get baked

We've come a long way from baking special brownies: From appetizers to deserts, the cannabis food experiences of these local chefs are a far cry from the SQDC's beef jerky and dried vegetables. Here's a look at how any normie or square can learn how to cook just like them. (Urbania)

Du trip de bouffe à la fine cuisine – Micromag 35 - Micromag URBANIA
Quand le cannabis s’invite dans les ingrédients du Chef

Putting skin in the game

Montreal's the backdrop for Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, a deep dive into the successes and scandals of the household platform for sexual obscenities, and this here's the inside scoop on the doc from Martin Patriquin, a local journalist in the film who talks up breaking the original scandal. (Time Out Montreal)

Inside the controversial Netflix documentary The Money Shot: The Pornhub Story
Behind the scenes with Martin Patriquin, the Montreal journalist featured in the film who broke the story in 2020

Eating the island: More than smoked meat & bagels

Montreal's been making a lot of efforts to distinguish itself as a capital of sustainable gastronomy in recent years, and now it's begun to bear fruit since the city was named the most sustainable destination in North America—and the third in the world—back in 2022. This here's some of the reasons why. (Le Devoir)

Montréal, pôle de la gastronomie durable
Une destination touristique où la gastronomie brille tout autant par sa créativité que par son côté durable.

Getting fined for singing in your own car

It's one of the weirder things we've found diving around the internet this week: In 2017, a local man was fined $149 for singing along to C+C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) in his car. Police said he was 'screaming'. (Montreal Gazette)

Not music to cops’ ears: Singing driver ticketed for screaming
Taoufik Moalla, 38, says Montreal police have no business punishing him for doing nothing more than singing along to one of his favourite songs — in his own…

As if Westmount couldn't be more Westmount

Inside the Braemar House you'll find seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a powder room, six fireplaces, a chef’s kitchen, and a history dating back to 1847 and a time when it was once the home of a Queen of England in waiting. (Global News)

The story behind a piece of Quebec anglophone history, and its $25M price tag - Montreal |
The real estate listing for Braemar House in Quebec suggests one of the early owners was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria. The storied heritage home dates back to 1847.

The benefits of a polyglot city

What do Arabic, Creole, Spanish, Chinese, and English all have in common? These are all languages that, at a time when protecting the French language is a topic that's risen to the top of the charts, continues to inform the slang of young Montrealers and open them up to other cultures. Here's why. (Montréal Campus)

Montréal, le carrefour de la diversité linguistique
Entre l’arabe et le créole haïtien en passant par l’espagnol ou le mandarin, la métropole québécoise brille par sa richesse linguistique. Mais au nom de la protection du français, plusieurs tentent d’aplanir cette diversité. Je ne nie pas l’importance de protéger la langue française au Québec, bien…

Posts of the Week

The best local moments this week from socials:


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