The Bulletin: Should Montreal’s restaurants charge for no-shows? A townhouse you can't miss... and more! [Issue #2]

Everything you need to know for the last weekend in November.

The Main

The Main

November 24, 2022- Read time: 4 min
The Bulletin: Should Montreal’s restaurants charge for no-shows? A townhouse you can't miss... and more! [Issue #2]

Another week, another Montreal Bulletin, The Main’s weekly collection of what’s happening, what you might have missed, and what’s to come in Montreal.

This week’s equal parts live music, wine-drenched festivities, art fairs, and slighted local businesses—in other words, an average weekend in the city.

This weekend in Montreal

  • Nov 6 to 27: Groups of designers both beginners and experienced have been meeting once a month to sketch their city. Now the results are on display Écomusée du fier monde.
  • Nov 25: Transgender comedian Tranna Wintour is performing a 100% improvised hour of standup and storytelling both in English and in French at The Diving Bell Social Club.
  • Nov 19 to Dec 31: Downtown Montreal’s biggest Christmas market, Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal, is officially holly, jolly, and open to explore on weekends.
  • Nov 22 to Dec 26: The city’s annual boozy, Christmas-inspired bar pop-up Miracle Montreal is back with its naughty and nice shots, cocktails, and holiday kitsch.
  • Nov 23 to 27: One of the largest, if not the largest, collection of French-language authors and readers is coming to Montreal with Salon du livre de Montréal.
  • Nov 24: The storytelling series of Confabulation is back with a new installment entitled Lies My Parents Told Me. It’s the stories we grew up with--and the people we turned into as a result.
  • Nov 26 to Dec 4: For the next two weekends at Locoshop Angus, Marché des Fêtes will be gathering more than 80 artists together for a huge Christmas market.

Finally, if you’re planning on staying home and going shopping, don’t fret just yet about lettuce inflation—one Montreal producer is looking to offer a solution.

Montreal’s Top Stories: What you need to know

Opinion: Returning to Montreal was the best move I ever made

Wondering if you’re meant for Montreal? Thinking about the big business of Toronto or the provincialism of Ottawa as an option, but looking for a reason to stay in the 514 (or the 438 or 263)? Consider reading this opinion piece from Graham Wright, where he counts all the ways why you would love it. (link)

Montreal documentary about the fight to save Chinatown

There’s big trouble in little Chinatown: Existing at the intersection of racism and urban planning, take a sneak peek at this documentary covering the gentrification pressures that these neighbourhoods face. Montreal is featured alongside New York City, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver. (link)

A New Tapas Spot in Saint-Henri Has a Party Vibe and a Mos Eisley Cantina From ‘Star Wars’ Look

Fried chicken pop-up-turned-restaurant Bucky Rooster’s is a success story from the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the restaurant scene, but it wasn’t the restaurant its owners were intending to create. Now they’re revisiting the original project in a space that looks like “Jabba the Hutt’s bar on Tatooine”. (link)

Atelier Pierre Thibault completes Montreal townhouse around sculptural staircase

The staircase is calling from INSIDE THE HOUSE: Exterior spiral staircases are no longer allowed under modern building codes in Montreal, so a Quebec City design studio to include one inside a home to connect its upper storeys. Fun facts aside, it’s just a gorgeous project. Enjoy the eye candy. (link)

Quebec restaurants asking province to let them charge people for no-shows

An association representing more than 6,000 restaurants in Quebec is petitioning the provincial government to make it possible to charge a fee—anywhere form $5 to $20—for reservations with no-shows. It’s already taking place in other provinces, so why not Montreal? (link)

Largest art heist in Canadian history still a mystery after 50 years

It’s not the Italian job, it’s le Montréalais job: The mysteries of Canada’s largest-ever art heist remains unsolved after half a century. Shotgun-toting thieves managed to enter the skylight of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and steal what was then worth $2 million in paintings (roughly $7 million today). (link)

The Story Behind Lucie from Lafleur, Quebec’s New TikTok Obsession

The poutine and hot-dogs of Lafleur—that’s right, the green, white, and yellow fast food chain—has a new TikTok star, and her name is Lucie. Having worked at Lafleur since 1985, she’s your classic ma tante who jumps on memes and tells it like it is. Honestly? She’s adorable. (link)

Toppled John A. Macdonald statue shouldn't be put back, Montreal committee advises

Ever since a bronze statue of Canada’s first prime minister in downtown Montreal’s Place du Canada park was pulled to ground by protesters in 2020 following the death of George Floyd, people are saying that even though his likeness is gone, history isn’t quite fixed yet. (link)

The Living Room in This Montreal Renovation Channels Ski Chalet Vibes

What’s an apartment in Montreal look like if it’s redesigned to resemble a weekend in the wood during winter? Scope the angles of this new 1,700 square foot creation from local firm Naturehumaine and get inspired for your own weekend out of town this season. (link)

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