We've launched a print shop to celebrate local photographers

Shop here, shop local: Grab framed prints of artwork by Montreal photographers.

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December 6, 2023- Read time: 5 min
We've launched a print shop to celebrate local photographersPhotograph: Michael Vesia

You read that right: We launched a print shop for framed prints by local artists.

As a locally-focused cultural magazine, we're working with the people who help enrich our city's identity by showing us just how beautiful it is.

Shopping here is shopping local: Support locals, keep cash in the community, connect with artists in your city, and put some amazing artwork on your walls, or the walls of someone you love. Every purchase also helps to support our editorial content moving forward.

Yes, the print shop's arriving just in time for decking halls and giving gifts this season (and there's free delivery during the holidays), but the print shop will live on after the holidays. Keep up to date on our drops through our Instagram.


Pierre Babin is an adventure photographer with an undying love for the great outdoors. From the expansive landscapes of Canada to the exotic scenery of Japan, he has travelled the globe for several years, capturing the sheer beauty of our world. Currently based in Montreal, Pierre frequently embarks on road trips across the province, seeking out hidden gems to immortalize through his lens.

See Pierre Babin's work in the print shop


Montreal-based film photographer Michael Vesia captures the city's vibrant soul through his work with 35mm & medium format film. With a passion for street scenes and architectural details, he reveals the beauty within the urban landscape. His lens is a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary, transforming mundane scenes into poetic reflections of urban life.

See Michael Vesia's work in the print shop


Anna Saviolakis is a dynamic photographer hailing from Montréal. Her journey in the world of photography started during her formative years at Dawson College, where she immersed herself in film and communications. This two-year academic pursuit was just the beginning, leading her on a path of personal exploration that deepened her love for photography. In 2018, Anna's passion and vision culminated in the creation of The Sav Collective. This venture reflects her multifaceted skills, offering an array of services including branding strategy, art direction, social media management, and, at its core, photography. While Anna's professional canvas is diverse, working with a variety of clients on numerous projects, her true fervor shines in the realms of portraiture and fashion photography.

See Anna Saviolakis's work in the print shop


Peter Currie (b. 1991) is a photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Concordia University, his work focuses on the built environment and the transformations taking place within the urban landscape. Using a slow and deliberate process, these transformations are documented periodically over time, attempting to create a visual narrative of the evolving urban landscape, at a slower pace. His work has been featured in print and online in such publications as Weird Era Vol. 2, the Humble Arts Foundations, Fiiiirst, and Subjectively Objectives group show, presented by Obscura Land.

See Peter Currie's work in the print shop


Fred Tougas is a photographer based in Montréal who views his practice as a way to channel his internal state through the external world. His sensorial and reactive approach is a tool to preserve his sensibility and cultivate his sense of wonder. Tougas does not see photography as a means to remember or document but rather as a method to enhance his daily experience. He believes that this enhancement comes through contemplation, with photography serving as a catalyst for entering a more acute state of mind. Tougas desires for others to glean from his work the value of slowing down and taking the time to fully engage with their surroundings. By actively looking, listening, feeling, and reflecting, he asserts that any situation can become significantly more interesting.

See Fred Tougas's work in the print shop


Martin Reisch is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker. There’s an old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words, so hopefully the images and films he creates can speak for themselves.

See @SAFESOLVENT (Martin Reisch)'s work in the print shop


Raised in the vibrant Caribbean, Thibault moved to Montreal in 2016 for his studies. Upon arrival, he was immediately captivated by the city's downtown architecture, inspiring him to pick up a camera and delve into urban exploration. His photographic journey, initially focused on the cityscapes, took a significant turn during the pandemic. Thibault shifted his style, moving from a four-year focus on urban landscapes to a more photojournalistic approach, capturing the essence of street life. Now, his goal is to portray the grit and beauty of Montreal, particularly the spirit of the 514 area, through his unique photographic lens.

See @THIBWH (Thibault)'s work in the print shop

This print shop only marks the start of something that helps you support local businesses, creators, creatives, artisans—you name it—and our editorial work at the magazine.

Can't wait for you to see what we'll do next.

For now, check out the curated local photography of the print shop.