Old Port


131 R. de la Commune O

Old Montreal
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Hayat is the latest project helmed by chef Joseph Awad of Griffintown’s SHAY, a new spot in the Old Port with a menu billed as a series of inspirations culled from the Lebanese sea and Syrian mountains alongside fine dining adaptations from Awad A few dishes pull from those geographies like shrimp in an arak-tomato sauce or a Mediterranean halibut with a potato galette and sauce vierge, and in addition to classic mezze and traditional dishes like richly spiced soujouk sausage and shish taouk plates, you’ll get choices like lamb shawarma tacos, baklawa pancakes, roasted vegetable tarts. The swish interior design by Montreal’s own Ivy Studio helps elevate the night out, particularly though a central fabric chandelier evoking the mountain ranges of Lebanon.

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