Bar Dominion

Cocktail Bar

Restarted by chefs Pablo Rojas and Hakim Rahal of Provisions Bar à Vin and Andrew Whibley of the Cloakroom cocktail bar, Bar Dominion's less of a reinvention of the old Dominion Square Tavern and more of a revisit to its formula, drawing inspiration from both its last form and the one from when it first opened in 1927 as a hotel restaurant. The menu's now toned down from the ploughman's lunches and Sunday roasts of yore and now focused on more drinks and snackable food, with Rojas and Rahal opting for a leaner but refined offering of seafood and fish, like a full raw bar brimming with oysters, crab, caviar and lobster. As for drinks, in addition to wine there are 25 cocktails in all on a menu broken down into martinis, negronis (boulevardiers, white negronis, and so forth), a whiskey-forward cocktail section, a selection of 75s and spritzes, and a section for highballs and fizzes.

Bar Dominion
Oyster Bar