Bernie Beigne

Step into Bernie Beigne, where the art of doughnut-making comes alive five days a week. Here, every doughnut is a testament to handcrafted perfection. From mixing to frying, garnishing to serving, the team ensures each piece is fresh and flawless. Watch as Bobby masterfully handles the dough, while Philippe, with drumsticks in hand, flips and glazes. George, John, and Dean complete the ensemble, each adding their unique touch.

With a spread of 23 tempting varieties, making a choice can be daunting. Yet, for purists like me, the plain, warm, glazed doughnut is unparalleled. It's a bite where simplicity meets perfection, letting the craft shine. If Bernie Beigne isn't on your radar, it's high time. And for those who've tasted their magic, there's always a reason to return.