Kitano Shokudo

At Kitano Shokudo, Hiroshi Kitano's culinary prowess takes center stage. A native of Japan, Hiroshi's early culinary beginnings shine through in every dish, blending advanced techniques with unique flavors. Montreal is indeed fortunate to be his chosen culinary playground.

While the nigiri is a must-have, the mazemen is the showstopper. Translating to "mixed noodles," mazemen is a symphony of flavors and textures. Whether it's the umami-rich lobster mazemen or the luxurious caviar edition, each variant is a testament to Hiroshi's genius.

A recent standout was the uni and bone marrow mazemen. Words can't do it justice; it's a dish to be experienced. From house-made pickles to the freshest cuts of fish, every offering at Kitano promises a gastronomic delight that leaves you yearning for more.