The Bulletin: Halloween parties that won't suck 🧛‍ [Issue #48]

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The Main

The Main

October 26, 2023- Read time: 10 min
The Bulletin: Halloween parties that won't suck 🧛‍ [Issue #48]Montreal's one and only Halloween celebration during its 375th anniversary, Trouble-Fête. | Photograph: GRIDSPACE STUDIO, Patrick Rochon

Back when the city was in the year-long throes of celebrating being in existence for 375 years, we were going all out with parties, artistic installations, and all kinds of other cool shit.

Those remnants—some amazing and some ridiculous—may not be on par with the collective creative energy of something like Expo 67, but it has left us with genuinely memorable relics that, if we were lucky enough to be around when they became part of the cityscape, will have a lasting impact on our lives.

Thing is, celebrations like Trouble-Fête for Halloween (pictured above) were a one time thing, and we're wondering: Why?

In a city of dancers, party-goers, culture vultures, and fetish festival attendees, you don't think we'd jump at the chance to have a parade filled with costumes and reasonably creepy but still kid-friendly stuff?

That's why this edition of the Bulletin's got its own section culling together this best parties we could find while slinging Tremblays and an SQDC home order over one weekend of clicking around. We're pretty proud of it.

Get out there this weekend. Give 'em pumpkin to talk about. 🎃

Halloween parties that don't suck

GIFs of Puppets — Sesame Street (1969-Present)
...your blood! Ah ah ah.

Dance it up

Booze it up

Spook it up

  • This year, the horror experience Malefycia is introducing V7CE, an event that confronts societal taboos through an exploration of the seven deadly sins.
  • Cirque De Boudoir, Montreal's longest running kinkiest thematic club event, is holding their own 7 Devils Cabaret at Cabaret Lion D'or.
  • It ain't Halloween without a trip to the annual Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • The Spasm Film Festival, an exploration of different film genres within Quebec cinema, is doing all kinds of Halloween-themed events.

...and are you ready to C.R.E.A.M.?

The brainchild of Montreal-based director, curator and artist Ariana Molly, C.R.E.A.M. is an anagram for Cinematic Rave Experiments and Musings: A new hybrid of film, music, art, dance and performance in Montreal. (The Main)

Cinematic rave experiments and musings at Cinéma L’Amour
An incredible, boundary-pushing event at Montreal’s oldest porno theatre.

...And now, other activities, parties, points of interest, art exhibitions, you name it: These are the weekend events you don't want to miss. Given just how much time and energy we just spent on those Halloween events, it's a little slimmer. *sad tuba*



  • There's a circus cabaret at Le Monastère where a dozen performers will bare their soul, performing acts they've created themselves, from start to finish.
  • The event Groovy and Chill at the listening café 180g is taking attendees on an eclectic musical and visual journey to dance to, or just chill with the local scene.



Old Montreal's restaurant Gaspar and its French brasserie facelift. | Photograph: Courtesy Gaspar


Scope the latest restaurant openings, recommendations on where to eat, plus new menus, old classics, and everything in between.

“Who wouldn’t want an iconic place like this in Montreal open?"

Restarted by Provisions Bar à Vin chefs and the Cloakroom cocktail bar, the restart of the Dominion Square Tavern's less of a reinvention and more of a revisit, drawing inspiration from both its last form and the one from when it first opened in 1927 as a hotel restaurant. (The Main)

Bar Dominion & Keeping Spirits Up in Downtown Montreal
A downtown Montreal destination once closed during the pandemic, Dominion Square Tavern’s been revived as Bar Dominion—a timeless classic by design.

Here, you'll find a weekly round-up of the latest local news, from entertainment to current affairs and more.

Honouring the departed

As the Mexican diaspora across Montreal adapts Día de los Muertos traditions to the ingredients, geography, and people here, they honour past ancestors, and perhaps in their own way, create traditions as ancestors of the future. (The Main)

Keeping Día de los Muertos traditions alive in Montreal
How Montrealers are celebrating a festival honouring the departed with colour, music, and food.

Who asked for this?

The Régie des alcools won a case against a restaurant permit holder after calling into question how it was putting more emphasis on wine than food, even though bottle shop-restaurant hybrids like it are multiplying in the province. (La Presse)

“Boires lost his restaurant license following several visits by RACJ inspectors who were looking to see if we had transgressed the regulations,” explains Charles Landreville. | Photograph: Marco Campanozzi, La Presse

A refusal to write

Montreal Gazette columnist Yara El-Soueidi is putting her collaboration with Postmedia on hold to protest against the dehumanization of the Palestinian people. Here's why she made that decision. (The Rover)

Where Is Your Humanity? – The Rover
Montreal Gazette columnist Yara El-Soueidi is putting her collaboration with Postmedia on hold to protest against the dehumanization of the Palestinian people.

Exploiting service workers 🤮

As credit card machines prompt customers to leave higher tips at all kinds of businesses, some workers say point-of-sale terminals are making it easier for employers to pocket their hard-earned cash. (CBC Montreal)

Who gets tips in Quebec? Employers are dipping into tips, service workers allege | CBC News
Some fast-food workers say credit card machines, which are now nudging customers to leave tips as high as 30 per cent, are making it easier for employers to pocket their hard-earned cash.

Play it again, Sam

Months in the works and to be released Monday by the Parti Québécois, the analysis — said to be conservative in its forecasts — concludes Quebec “has the financial capacity” to leave the Canadian federation and fly on its own. (Montreal Gazette)

PQ’s sovereignty budget says Quebec ‘has the financial capacity’ to be a country
The party will release its theoretical Year 1 budget on Monday. Sources say it uses much of the methodology from a similar 2005 exercise by then-PQ MNA François Legault.

The Great Montreal-New York Bagel debate 🥯

On a more light-hearted note, Montreal and New York City are both known for their bagels, right? Well, chalk one up for the 514, as it only took a couple bites to convince one New Yorker to deem our better than their doughy counterparts in the States. (Insider)

Sorry, New York City. The best bagels are north of the border.
Montreal and New York City are known for their bagels. Whereas New York bagels are large and fluffy, those in Montreal are sweeter and more dense.

Yes yes yes

Maybe it's the photoshoot of this interview with Tiktok NPC sensation Pinkydoll, or maybe it's her desire to eat at Nobu Matsuhisa's globally-renowned restaurants with Cardi B, or the line "I love my boobies!!!!" but this was a fun read. (Interview Magazine)

Pinkydoll Loves Red Lobster But Dreams of Nobu
The Montreal-based mommy, TikToker, and OnlyFans celeb shows us why her video game–inspired livestreams have everyone screaming, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Get up to s(p)ea(d)

The marine shipping route that links the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes through a system of 15 locks between Lake Erie and Montreal has shut down after hundreds of workers walked off the job Sunday. (CBC Montreal)

What to know about the St. Lawrence Seaway strike | CBC News
The St. Lawrence Seaway has shut down after hundreds of workers walked off the job Sunday. Here are answers to a few key questions about what’s going on.

I walk the line

One intrepid journalist decided to walk the entirety of the metro Blue Line's 12 stations above ground, from Saint-Michel station to Parc station, then Parc at Snowdon station. Thrills, chills, and photos from the walk await. (24 Heures)

Main image of the article I walked the entire blue metro line
Walking the entirety of the Blue Line. | Image: 24 Heures, Marilyne Houde

And now, your history lesson for the week

Speaking of the metro, we thought we'd take a look back on the inauguration of its world-class system after it launched on October 14, 1966. We've got notes about its Paris connection, those old brakes that are dipped in peanut oil—everything we could find. (The Main)

The Montreal Metro’s Inauguration, 57 Years Later
A look back at the inauguration of Montreal’s metro, a unique system with a unique story, made by and for Montrealers.

And that wraps yet another weekly bulletin. We’ll be back with more curiosities, local stories, and events to discover next week.

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