The Bulletin: All the leaves are brown [Issue #49]

The Bulletin is a collection of what's happened, what’s happening, and what’s to come in and around Montreal.

The Main

The Main

November 2, 2023- Read time: 9 min
The Bulletin: All the leaves are brown  [Issue #49]And the sky is grey. | Photograph: @riazoozeer / Instagram

Well, ain't this a plum way to start off a month: With two straight days of light snow and the fiery colours of the city falling to the asphalt of roadworked streets, the most notoriously miserable of months is upon us, November.

'Tis the season to hunch over bars and lean on friends for warmth, to shift deep into hibernation mode in our apartments, turn a pallid white as we wait for a crack in clouds for sunlight, nurse week-long Halloween hangovers, and maybe—just maybe—not leave our phones' texts on read.

This is a rallying cry and it ain't: If you need to get out, you need to fight those urges to stay inside and take a bite out of any one of the pop-ups, sales, events, and exhibitions we've listed below.

If you're on a cold streak this weekend instead? We won't blame you, take it easy, but maybe everything we've got on offer might change your mind.

Pas de pression.



  • Famed English electronic music band Depeche Mode is going to play the Bell Centre.
  • Discover English-language books written or published in Quebec at Read Quebec, featuring poetry, fiction, children's books, graphic novels and more.
  • The PHI Centre starts showing JOUEZ/PLAY, a solo exhibition by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija playing rehearsal sessions and organized concerts with Montréal bands.
  • Notre-Dame de Paris: The Augmented Exhibition will offer insights into the history of the famed cathedral over at Arsenal art contemporain Montréal with an immersive exhibition.



  • Uncover how Montrealers are honouring the dead with Día de Muertos, a holiday that culminates in large celebrations and events on November 6.
  • Head to Turbo Haus for Soul Expressions Night: A mix of soul, funk, jazz, afrobeat, and world music all represented by the lady artists.
  • Star Wars, the musical parody, a "unique, low-budget but highly creative intergalactic sci-fi epic" is now on at Comédie de Montréal.
  • The MAC's exhibition Velvet Terrorism: Pussy Riot’s Russia is officially underway, documenting the band's artistic protests.

Get out of town

Bedford's already got a lot of history and elements that make it a staple of the Eastern Townships, but waves of people are coming in with new aims and ideas to drive the city’s development and longevity, and make it a radiant place. (The Main)

Bedford, Québec: Local creators bringing new blood to an old town - The Main Montreal
Staking artisanal claims among Victorian-style houses and centenary churches, Bedford’s creator community just getting started.

New eats from Bon Délire—read on for more. | Photograph: Bon Délire


Scope the latest restaurant openings, recommendations on where to eat, plus new menus, old classics, and everything in between.

  • Check out the participating restaurants and book your tables at MTLàTable, an opportunity to discover new restaurants and revisit favourites!
  • What do mac & cheese, chicken wings, artichoke dip, wedge salad, and choripan sandwiches have in common? They're all on the new bar menu at Bon Délire.
  • If you're looking to ball out, Menu Extra's doing a special edition of their La Table Cachée event with wines from Pinard & Filles and a twelve-course tasting menu.
  • Ferme Bika is multi-course tasting brunches for $55 per person that includes several homemade spreads, homemade cheese, warm dishes, eggs from our hens and more. BYOB!
  • Verdun's Brook Pizza just launched pan pizzas on their menu, and they're doing a 50% every 2nd pizza sale at their restaurant from Nov 1 to 4.
  • Nov 3rd marks the second edition of Symbiose Vins' BUTINAGE and its samplings of new beer, cider and wine before they hit the shelves of the SAQ and local specialty grocery stores.
  • Verdun Beach is holding a natural wine tasting workshop, LIEUX COMMUNS, on November 7 that'll feature 5 vintages to discover. Should take about 2h.
  • Pumpui's friends at @beignehabitude, a homegrown donut shop, are doing a big pop up sale on November 5th—expect a lot of sweets.
  • Just a friendly reminder to check out a new spot: Have you been to Boom J's for Jamaican cuisine and some of the best jerk chicken in the province?

All carrot and no stick

MTLàTABLE is back for another session, so we decided to take a closer look at exactly why it matters to Montreal: An economic activator, a hospitality advocate, a game-changing concierge, a remedy to what ails a tough season for Montreal's restaurant industry—however you slice it, it's just what this city needs. (The Main)

MTLàTABLE is lighting a torch for a city’s emblematic scene - The Main Montreal
An economic activator, a hospitality advocate, a game-changing concierge, a remedy to what ails a tough season for Montreal’s restaurant industry—however you slice it, MTLàTABLE is what this city needs.

Here, you'll find a weekly round-up of the latest local news, from entertainment to current affairs and more.

A buzzkill of the highest order

Montreal’s transit agency has studied closing the métro early and opening it late on weekends as part of a plan for service cuts it was asked to draw up. Why? It's part of a contingency plan for a budgetary shortfall. (Montreal Gazette)

Cutting métro hours is a ‘theoretical scenario,’ STM director general says
“But we have to keep the service, and even increase it,” says Marie-Claude Léonard.

Priced out and hun

As Montreal restaurants adapt to rising costs and impending deadlines to repay loans issued during the pandemic, chefs are expressing concerns about the future of the city’s famed dining scene. (Globe and Mail)

Montreal restaurants adapt to rising costs, but worry customers might be priced out
As rents rise, along with the price of food and labour, many worry the independent restaurants that have become the hallmark of Montreal’s dining scene won’t survive

Facing the music

We listened in on conversations with the audiophiles driving Montreal's listening cafés, bars, and restaurants to learn about what they love about what they do, and what they’re passionate about. (The Main)

On sonic speakeasies, listening cafés, and vinyl bars in Montreal - The Main Montreal
Sound, silence, and experience: Listening in on conversations with the audiophiles driving Montreal’s sonic spaces.

A new height for drag in Montreal

Sequins, rhinestones, platform heels, glitter and feathers filled Montreal's Palais des Congrès during the first day of Canada's first ever drag convention last weekend in a massive national showing of everything drag Canada has to offer. (CBC Montreal)

Montreal hosts Canada’s first drag queen convention | CBC News
Montreal is home to Canada’s first ever drag convention this weekend featuring over 100 artists from around the country.

A house that's constantly for sale

On the outskirts of Montreal, there’s an imposing 6,500-square-foot Georgian mansion in Châteauguay, Quebec. Looking like something out of the Gilded Age, it turns out the house was built just last year and nearly everything you see in it is for sale. (Macleans)

Inside Manoir Blackswan, an extravagant modern-day palace in Montreal’s suburbs -
Owned by an antiques dealer, this mansion is part-residence and part-showroom

Strippers, old taverns, and funeral processions

Avenue du Parc has been the meeting place for countless events throughout its history, and one local historian takes a journalist down the long street to trace the many histories it's composed of. (Le Devoir)

L’avenue du Parc, hétéroclite et cosmopolite
L’historien Yves Desjardins propose dans son nouveau livre une sorte de biographie de cet axe central de Montréal.

Direct-to-hunger models

One hour from Montreal there is a large vegetable farm in Saint-Nazaire d’Acton that is hoping to change the way Montrealers shop for produce. The idea was to open a grocery store owned by farmers, cutting out the middleman. (Global News)

‘Fair prices’ as first farmer-owned grocery store opens in Montreal - Montreal |
Montreal is home to the first farmer-owned grocery store in Quebec. Farmers will get the majority of the money from the sales of their produce.

Too little and too late?

After two years of inactivity, Montreal will increase the amounts paid to real estate developers to facilitate the construction of social and affordable housing on its territory. But is it going to be enough? (Radio-Canada)

Montréal incite les promoteurs à faire plus de logements sociaux et abordables
L’administration Plante revoit l’ingénierie financière de son règlement en matière de logements sociaux et abordables dans l’espoir d’améliorer son prochain bilan, dans deux ans.

"Hey hey, ho ho, tuition hikes have got to go!"

More than 1,000 university students ditched class Monday to protest Quebec's tuition hike, marching through the streets of downtown Montreal to spread their message: Tuition hikes are going make education inaccessible. (CTV Montreal)

Students protest Quebec’s tuition hikes in downtown Montreal
Hundreds of university students are forgoing their classes and gather in downtown Montreal Monday afternoon to protest Quebec’s tuition hike for out-of-province undergraduates.

A reflection on dark times

Let's take a journey for a moment to Montreal in the fall of 1970, a city gripped by the specter of separatism and political turmoil, in a period that brought Montreal, Quebec, and Canada to the brink of a crisis that would test the very foundations of society. (The Main)

Remembering the October Crisis of 1970 - The Main Montreal
A time of many devastating firsts for Montreal and Canada, fuelled by kidnappings and murders by the FLQ’s terrorist cell and a historic security crackdown that tested a nation’s resilience and values.

And that wraps yet another weekly bulletin. We’ll be back with more curiosities, local stories, and events to discover next week.

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