The Best Late-Night and 24 Hour Restaurants in Montreal

Discover Montreal's late-night gems, where the city's culinary spirit comes alive with a diverse array of eats from classic diners to modern bistros.

The Best Late-Night and 24 Hour Restaurants in Montreal
J.P. Karwacki

J.P. Karwacki

February 29, 2024

From late-night restaurants to 24-hour spots, Montreal’s best late night eats are where you’re going to find a very particular cross section of the city’s food culture: Diners and chophouses serving up burgers, hot dogs, and poutines until the late hours speak of a long history of bubbling fryers and hot flat top grills Meanwhile, there’s a newer generation of grab-and-go spots, bistros, hospitable bars and pubs speaking to how our city’s scene has developed over time, including anything from a decent slice of pizza to a plate of steak-frites to line your stomach.

Here, we’re not just talking about what you can late at night, but the best things you can eat late at night: That witching hour when maybe you can’t sleep, you’ve come off of a long study session, you’ve just stumbled out of a bar, or you’re just a nighthawk by nature, and you couldn’t possibly go another moment without knowing where to eat. Enjoy.

La Banquise

A Montreal institution since 1968, La Banquise beckons locals and tourists with its round-the-clock menu of over thirty poutines. Originally opened by firefighter Pierre Barsalou, it morphed into a 24-hour snack bar it is today in the '80s. Revamped in 2006, the restaurant’s now brimming with options ranging from burgers to brunches, but everyone knows that the poutine lineup is the star attraction, including straightforward classics and specialties like the T-Rex stealing the limelight in addition to more experimental options like La Panoramix that’s made with sour cream. Thriving and charming, La Banquise fosters a lively ambiance every hour of the day.

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Dunn's Famous

Dunn's Famous Deli and Steakhouse is a celebrated chain of Jewish delis that started in Montreal. Established by Myer Dunn who immigrated from Europe in 1927, Dunn’s focus shifted to Montreal-style smoked meat over the years, cementing its place as a local legend. Myer's dedication to his craft and community defined the spirit of this spot, which continues to uphold Myer's vision with an authentic taste of Montreal's culinary heritage. It gets even better at their downtown location on Metcalfe, where they’re regularly open to slice up sandwiches until 5 a.m.

Restaurant Paulo & Suzanne

Paulo et Suzanne has been dishing out everything that’s classically Québecois since 1980. Its retro American diner vibe—think black and white tiles and vintage art—sets the stage for one of the city’s best diners. Here, you’re going to want what’s traditional, like two-egg platters for breakfast and famous poutines that can come as classic or as dressed crazily as you want ‘em with ‘toppings’ like whole hamburgers. Open 24 hours on the weekend and until the late hours of the morning throughout the rest of the week, the owners here take pride in a loyal staff that delivers top-notch service.

Alto Restaurant

Alto in the McGill Ghetto is a go-to spot for late-night student sustenance. Ever since its inception in 1987, it’s been a beloved fixture for OG, Montreal-style pizza as well as burgers, poutine, and pizzaghetti (don’t knock it ‘til you try it). Despite facing adversity when a nearby fire razed the original location in 2016, they rebuilt, supported by a loyal community. Now, Alto stands proud, maintaining its energetic atmosphere.

Gibeau Orange Julep

Hermas Gibeau's dream of sharing his trademark beverage, the Orange Julep, materialized in 1932 with the opening of his retail storefront on St. Laurent Boulevard. By transforming his building into the shape of an orange, he created a landmark: The largest orange sphere in the world in 1964. Over the years, Gibeau Orange Julep has become a Montreal icon drawing folks in with its nostalgic charm and famous juice. Beyond that signature drink, this spot specializes in classic diner fare like Montreal-style hot dogs, poutine and burgers, and they serve it all until 4 a.m. The weekly summer car shows add to the experience, attracting vintage car enthusiasts on Wednesdays in the warmer seasons.

Fast Food
Patati Patata Friterie de Luxe

Patati Patata’s a casse-croûte fixture that’s been in Montreal for over two decades. Originally founded by Louis Dumontier in 1996, it’s thrived on Saint-Laurent Boulevard ever since with good, cheap food in an unpretentious atmosphere. The concept here is straightforward: Affordable snacks from morning until the early hours when bars close. A cozy interior and a facade painted by artist Étienne Martin gives it an old-world charm, and the menu features a range of comfort foods like burgers, grilled cheese, poutines, and soups, with breakfast options throughout the day. Small in size, you may have to wait during busy hours, but it won’t take long to get a table and get a taste of local life in the Plateau.

Fast Food
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Pizza Dany

Pizza Dany caters to late-night cravings, operating until 1 a.m. on most days and extending hours until 4 a.m. on Saturdays for post-clubbing hunger. Tucked into a closet of a space that’s conveniently located near the Bell Centre, it's a go-to for quality pizza in the city, perfect for pre-game fuel or a quick snack between periods. For those in a rush, grab a slice to go; their spinach and garlic pizza is the one that’ll convert you. Planning ahead? Order a large pie for your group. While it may seem unassuming from the outside, this spot’s reputation isn’t one to be second-guessed.

Restaurant Chez La Mère

Established in 1977, Chez La Mère has thrived over the years thanks to loyal patrons and traditions that span generations. The restaurant’s diverse menus at low prices throughout the day have standout features like pizza as well as poutine, submarines, grilled and smoked meats, sandwiches, salads, BBQ chicken—everything and then some. Following the recent passing of its pioneering owner, Micheline Delbuguet, her legacy of French cookery’s been carried forward with a dedication to quality on the Quebec diner scene. Good thing it’s regularly open until late throughout the week.

Restaurant Miami Déli

A family-run spot since 1995, Miami Déli’s helmed by Mr. Steve Tsantes and his sons. Folks come for vibrant decor that pays homage to Miami, with fish adorning the walls that’ve been caught by the owner himself. The diner caters to all tastes and appetites, from breakfast to late-night munchies, offering a diverse menu including poutines, pizzas, subs, Greek specialties, and more. Open day and night, you can expect a diverse crowd here, from East End factory workers to people getting a greasy bite after being out all night (but it’s not like it gets Waffle House levels of crazy here).

Fameux Viande Fumée Et Charcuterie

Le Fameux is a timeless snack spot, bridging the gap between late-night eatery and lunch destination. Known for its smoked meat sandwich made with Lester’s brand cuts, some say it’s rivaling even the city's heavyweights. A hub where late-night revelers and early risers converge over gratiné-style poutine crisped up in the oven and Greek dishes like spanakopita and souvlaki alongside all-day breakfast specials, Le Fameux caters to diverse tastes. No wonder it’s cemented a status as a beloved corner diner in the Plateau for over 60 years

Fairmount Bagel

A Mile End institution since 1919, Fairmount Bagel’s been crafting bagels using century-old recipes, maintaining tradition through three generations. Now owned by Irwin and Rhonda Shlafman, the bakery boasts an array of handcrafted favourites including classic sesame and poppy seed bagels alongside newer additions like multigrain and cinnamon raisin. Eschewing artificial ingredients, the bakery's commitment to tradition is evident in its manual production process. Can’t find the spot? Follow the aroma of fresh bagels baked in its wood ovens, inviting patrons to savor each bite no matter the hour.

Joes Panini 24h

Joe's Panini is a 24-hour sandwich spot known for its grilled sandwiches. The menu isn't groundbreaking, but each sandwich is speedily crafted, and seldom priced outside your average student’s budget. Signature options include the Philly Cheesesteak, spicy grilled chicken, turkey, prosciutto and brie, and spicy tuna. Grab a seat, order up, and watch their big-screen TV’s music videos under neon lights until your late-night cravings are satisfied.

Restaurant Boustan

Boustan's Crescent Street location, a cornerstone of Montreal’s downtown, has been serving up Lebanese eats since 1986. Now expanded to over 60 stores across Quebec and Ontario with plans for international ventures, the original location continues to lead the pack with pitas, bowls, salads, and sides, including options like vegan Shiitake mushroom shawarmas. It’s also a go-to spot for late-night munchies and quick meals; while the potatoes are a must, you have to try their one-with-everything Creation sandwich.


A Montreal institution since 1980 on rue Saint-Denis, L'Express continues to uphold its reputation for timeless French cuisine and conviviality. Founded by François Tremblay, Colette Brossoit, and Pierre Villeneuve, the restaurant caters to everyone with a welcoming atmosphere that remains to this day. With a menu largely unchanged over the years, L'Express offers classic dishes like sorrel soup, marrow, and veal liver, prepared with an unwavering consistency and attention to detail. Designed by renowned architect Luc Laporte, the elegant decor exudes a timeless charm, attracting a diverse clientele served by a stable team of long-serving staff.

Restaurant A.A

Restaurant A.A. in Saint-Henri boasts a long-standing legacy as a beloved local diner. Owner André Annoussos and his 50+ years in the businesshas helped keep its old-school charm intact.

The restaurant’s got a small, narrow layout featuring a long counter and a few booths where hungry nighthawks flood in for late-night offerings including steamies, toasties, and a unique poutine recipe you can’t find elsewhere in the city—it’s all in the gravy. A steadfast fixture cherished for comforting classics and lightning-speed service, it’s an essential on any self-respecting Montrealer’s late-night eats bucket list.

Le Majestique Montréal

Le Majestique’s a lively bar first established in 2014, and it’s been boasting a dynamic atmosphere and top-notch cuisine ever since. Decorated by Thomas Csano with a blend of kitsch and curios, Majestique's ambiance invites patrons to indulge in delectable small plates highlighting seafood and seasonal vegetables. Signature dishes like the 12-inch Gaspor pork hot dog are crowd-pleasers and easy date night winners, as is the stellar oyster service. Beyond that, the bar's extensive drink options feature natural wines, microbrews, and classic cocktails, all up for grabs until the late hours.


Miracolo brings Italian flair never before seen in the Plateau. Following in the footsteps of its sister establishments, Majestique and Darling, its design by Thomas Csano exudes the warmth and charm of an old Vaudevillian theatre. Led by chef Alejandro Vega and chef de cuisine Pierre Morneau, the restaurant’s diverse menu features oysters, appetizers, pastas, meats, and desserts inspired by Italian traditions and driven by local ingredients, With an inviting ambiance, large bar and communal dining area, its unique blend of Italian cuisine and Montreal charm has a unique atmosphere you just can’t find elsewhere in the city, where there’s something new to see everywhere you look while eating and drinking here.

Taverne Atlantic

Nestled in Montreal's Mile Ex since summer 2019, Taverne Atlantic offers a vibrant setting for both revelry and relaxed dining. Its spacious interior’s a Wes Anderson-style Art Deco haven that boasts a striking bar, cozy seating, and a rooftop terrace for good al fresco times in the summer. Dive into its wine list rich in private imports, a deceptively simple (read: inventive) cocktail menu, or an extensive selection of cheap beers. On the food front, the Chez Eddy Snack Bar serves up Americanized classics like Big Mac pizzas and pogos as well as one of the best hot dogs in the city. Don’t skip on the pizza either.

Bar Suzanne

Bar Suzanne’s a laid-back spot perfect for socializing over drinks. Equal part quality fare and libations in its offerings, the bar exudes warmth with its airy design of plant life and tons of natural light streaming in through skylights during the day. Named after Leonard Cohen's muse, the bar features diverse wines, cocktails, and spirits, while the kitchen serves up dishes like inventive dumplings and other small plates for sharing late into the night.

Projet Pilote - Distillery & Brewpub

Projet Pilote’s a multifaceted establishment that blends a distillery, microbrewery, restaurant, and bar into one cohesive space. The vision for this place has been in the works for over half a decade, resulting in a groundbreaking venue where experimentation thrives. Initially conceived as a distillery and bar, the project evolved to incorporate a microbrewery, making it the city's first venue to integrate both into one space. While located next to La Banquise, that diner doesn’t have Pjoet Pilote’s small batches of gin and eaux de vie, or its house-crafted beers. The collaborative spirit extends to the kitchen, which utilizes produce from the rooftop garden to create a menu of flavorful dishes.


Nestled in a semi-basement on Park Avenue, Double's Late Night embodies a contemporary dive bar ethos on the Mile End scene. It’s a great place to unwind over drinks, games, and bites. The decor, with traditional dive bar elements infused with modern twists, features a long bar, pool table, and TVs broadcasting sports. Chef Danny Smiles’ simple menu highlights signature burgers, onion rings, fish and chips, and a revolving set of other delicious options (oftentimes Italian) when his mood strikes.

Comfort Food
Mile End
Le Rouge Gorge

Rouge Gorge’s been a cherished wine bar in the Plateau since 2015 because it offers a cozy haven for drinks and bites. Named after a Parisian tavern from the film Children of Paradise, its decor by Zébulon Perron blends industrialism with intimacy, while its wine selection of French bottles alongside global varieties complements seasonal bites including fresh oysters, pasta, and grilled seafood. Whether dining on its terrasse in the summer or drinking in their intimate bar downstairs, Rouge Gorge is where patrons savor good booze and food, making it an essential destination for bar enthusiasts.

Bar Henrietta

Bar Henrietta’s a refined Portuguese-style bar that recalls community taverns of the 1960s and ‘70s. Named for owner Alexandre Baldwin's Portuguese heritage, Henrietta’s inviting vintage tavern swagger features an open-concept upper floor and a kitschy lower level. A lot of people roll through for the drink menu of classic cocktails and Quebec beers, all bets accompanied by Portuguese-inspired small plates like Manchego popcorn and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Otto Yakitori Izakaya

While many serve it today, Otto Yakitori stands out as Montreal's progenitor for authentic charcoal-grilled yakitori. Founded in 2016 and named "Otto" to pays homage to its founders' roles as fathers, the izakaya offers a focused menu with skewers of various chicken cuts. Adorned with wild wall art and warm lighting, the menu also features Japanese specialties like sashimi, uni chawanmushi, mazemen, and ramen. Best of all, the sake, beer, wine, and cocktails don’t stop flowing here until the very last minute they’re open.

Burgundy Lion

Established in 2008 in Little Burgundy, the Burgundy Lion’s been a staple in the area ever since. An ode to traditional British pubs, it’s a clean, inviting space adorned with football scarves and classic pub elements. With over 500 whiskies and a curated beer selection, the Burgundy Lion crafts a lot of classic English dishes for the menu like fish and chips and shepherd's pie, available daily from morning until late night. It's a go-to spot for any occasion, from relaxed drinking in the late morning to afternoon to wilder times at night.

Montreal Pool Room

The Montreal Pool Room’s a century-old institution that holds a special place in Montreal's culinary history. Founded in 1912 by Bulgarian immigrant Filipoff Dakov, it has evolved over the years, and remains a beloved spot for locals. Originally known for its steamies, the menu’s expanded to include fries, poutines, hamburgers, and more. This iconic greasy spoon’s seen a lot of faces over the years, from Leonard Cohen to Al Capone, serving up classic Quebecois snacks to them all—it’s a must-visit for those craving a taste of nostalgia.

Pub Bishop & Bagg

Established in 2014, Bishop and Bagg offers a laid-back pub ambiance and a menu of classic eats like bangers and mash and burgers in the Mile End. An unpretentious spot from the Burgundy Lion team featuring wood accents and dark colors, you’ll find an impressive collection of gins and skilled bartenders crafting cocktails from them. Expect to eat well and drink well while you’re here—just don’t be surprised if it’s busy during brunch hours, or during lunch when swathes of video game designers from the nearby Ubisoft office come in. Those times aside, you can easily get a good bite late at night here.

Magpie Magique

A project from the team behind the wood-fired Pizzeria Magpie, Magpie Magique deviates from that concept entirely with a speakeasy-style red light entrance that leads into a chic spot. A pseudo-hidden bar, it specializes in classic cocktails complemented by a menu of sharing plates of mezze, skewered and grilled seafood, and pizzas from the front. Offering an anonymous, sophisticated, and unique experience that’ll include live music and other performances. It goes without saying that you can grab a bite late at night here, along with a good stiff drink.


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